Rushmore Motor Company, LLC

2315 Lees Chapel Rd | Greensboro, NC

About Rushmore Motor Company

Rushmore Motor Company was founded in 2014. It is owned and operated by Kyle Arnold, a Greensboro native and life-long car lover. Starting in high school, Kyle started a small car detailing business with two simple goals in mind: to clean cars with an extreme attention to detail, while still charging his customers less than any other detailer in town. Building a customer base with this model, Kyle began helping his clients sell their vehicles and find new ones as well. This business had a similar set of goals: to focus on detail and offer an extremely high level of customer service, while still charging much less than consignment dealerships. After moving to Chapel Hill, NC to attend college, Kyle began sourcing inventory for an exotic and luxury car dealer in New York. Upon graduating, Kyle moved back to Greensboro, with the plan to open a small-scale specialty car dealership with the same goals as his detailing business. Rushmore Motor Company aims to do something that many car dealers do not: to make customer service the top priority, and to help clients buy and sell their vehicles with as little effort as possible.